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Welcome to our Dog Crate Pans and Trays website. This website is afflicated with DogLounges aka DogCratesBeds where we offer more than Dog Crate Pans and Trays. 

Dog Crate Trays and Pans are an every day part of your pets life if he/she is kenneled.  Finding the right Dog Crate Tray or Pan can be difficult especially if you want to switch to a Metal Dog Crate Tray or Pan from a Plastic Dog Crate Pan.  Some manufacturers no longer make metal dog crate trays which is very frustrating for some pet owners.

Your dog may require an adjustment period when switching between plastic dog crate trays pans and metal dog crate pans trays.

How to determine Dog Crate Tray or Pan size?

There are a number of ways we can help you to determine the size of a Dog Crate Tray for your dog crate.

If you own a Midwest, General Cage, Precision, or Central Metal Dog Crate we can determine the size of dog crate pan based on the model number of the dog crate. See ALL our Dog Crate Trays and Pans!

If you don't know the model# of the dog crate but have an existing dog crate pan then measure the dog crate tray.  The dog crate tray should be measured at the widest length and width.  Also, check to see if there is any flexibility in the length and width of the dog crate tray.  What we mean by flexibility is if the dog crate replacement pan tray was a bit wider or longer would it fit?       

Don't have an existing dog crate pan or want to determine the maximum size of dog crate pan for your dog crate then use the following instructions to measure for a dog crate tray.

Measuring a Dog Crate for the maximum Dog Crate Pan size:

  • First, measure the opening where the dog crate tray or pan slides into the dog crate.  This will provide you with the maximum width needed for the dog crate tray.  This will tell you and us the widest width of dog crate pan needed. 
  • Next, we need the length of the dog crate pan.  To determine dog crate tray length measure the inside maximum length of the dog crate. If you were to slide a pan into the dog crate what is the maximum length the pan can be.  Remember to allow for (1) pan door to close and (2) any wires at either end of the dog crate.  
  • Finally, measure the height of the opening where the dog crate tray slides in.  Some manufacturers have dog crate pans that might be deeper than what your dog crate allows. 

Raised Floor Grid for Dog Crates

Raised floor grids keep you pet above the dog crate pan or tray. If you have a heavy wetter or puppy and want to keep your pet dry a floor grid might be the solution. 

A raised floor also allows the removal of the dog crate tray or pan without disturbing your pet. 

Some pet owners use a floor grid to reduce breakage of a plastic dog crate tray.
  The dog crate floor grid is placed above the dog crate tray.  The floor grid is also used for heavy wetters to keep your pet dry and allow urine to flow through the dog crate floor grid to the dog crate tray.


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